A.W.O.L. Tour Challenge

The A.W.O.L. Tour Challenge encourages members to get out and ride, attend chapter meetings, chapter events, and get involved in our GREAT CHAPTER! We hope we have included activities that interest everyone and some that you didn’t know you were interested in!

Trophies are awarded to the participants with the most validated points accrued during the challenge. Patches / rockers are awarded to all who complete the 100,000-ft portion of the challenge. And fun, adventure, and friendship can be had by all!

The tour is a members-only challenge. Not a member? Join us! Current member but don’t have your current year A..W.O.L. book yet? Come to chapter meeting and buy one ($10).

The A.W.O.L. Tour Challenge Committee wishes to thank the management and employees of Rocky Mountain Harley-Davidson for their support of the A.W.O.L. Tour Challenge. The Chapter would also like to thank the advertisers and backers of this year’s tour.

History of A.W.O.L.

The idea for the A.W.O.L. Tour Challenge book got started when someone from an out-of-state Chapter came into the Rocky Mountain H-D Dealership to get a stamp for their book.

Troy saw it and thought it would be a great idea for our Chapter to use. He made a copy of it and showed it to Frank LaBarge, the Director at that time, and they put some new ideas in.

It’s been going strong since with new ideas added almost every year. If you have ideas, let us know – in the back of the A.W.O.L. Tour Challenge book each year are some forms for submitting ideas for points (you get points for the submission, no “grading” on the ideas themselves), or you can talk to any Officer at any time.