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The mission of this Chapter is to promote responsible motorcycling activities for Harley Owners Group members by organizing and conducting activities and encouraging participation of the membership. We will encourage members to be involved in local, state, and regional H.O.G.® activities. We will strive to represent the Harley Owners Group and Sponsoring Dealer in a positive and dignified manner in community, state and national functions. Chapter activities and operations shall be conducted in a manner consistent with a family-oriented, non-political philosophy. Above all, we will support and encourage the philosophy of “RIDE AND HAVE FUN.”


As a RM H.O.G. #0421 member, your benefits include but are not limited to:

  • You will have access to a electronic copy of the monthly chapter newsletter the H.O.G. Snorts.
  • You will have access to the members-only information and areas on the website.
  • You will be eligible to attend our Chapter member exclusive activities.
  • You will be eligible to participate in the A.W.O.L. Tour Challenge.


RM H.O.G. has activities planned for almost every week of the year! One of the (if not THE) most active Chapters in the area, we offer a multitude of family friendly options for your pleasure.
Each activity falls into one of the activity categories which determines who can participate in that activity, and, typically, one or more of the activity types. Once you are a member enjoy one, enjoy many, or enjoy them all — your choice: pick and choose as suits you.


RM H.O.G. #0421 Chapter members are a rather diverse group of people who share many of the same loves beyond motorcycles/riding.

  • Volunteerism
    • Children’s Hospital
    • Pizza Nights
    • Donating Blood/Platelets
    • Building Wagons
    • Donating Time
    • Some members are active with Homes for our Troops
  • Supporting Causes by Having Fun
    • Poker Runs to benefit a specific cause or need
  • Patriotism
    • Veteran’s Day Run
    • Run to the Veterans Rally
    • Some members are active or retired service members, others are wives, husbands, sons, daughters, parents, grandparents, etc.
    • Some members are active in the Patriot Guard
    • Some members are active with Homes for our Troops
  • Pulling Together for our Members in Need
    • We are a family

About RM H.O.G.

In addition to all the benefits of being a National H.O.G. member, Chapter membership gives you the opportunity to meet people who want to ride and have a great time. Our membership comes from all backgrounds and walks of life, with the common interest of riding the best motorcycle in the world in the best place in the world for riding – the Rocky Mountain West.

The Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Harley Owner’s Group© (RM H.O.G. Chapter #0421, or RMHOG) was formed in 1984 with only 15 members the first year. Currently, membership has grown to the hundreds!

The National Harley Owners Group© (H.O.G.) is the largest motorcycling organization in the world. Since its inception in 1985, its numbers have grown to include over 900,000 members!

With over a thousand local H.O.G. Chapters scattered around the world, your extended family is never far away.

From the “Annual Charter for H.O.G. Chapters – Preamble”

“The Harley Owners Group© (H.O.G.) is an organization founded and sponsored by Harley-Davidson© Motor Company. The group was established to offer motorcycling benefits and services to Harley-Davidson enthusiasts throughout the world, and to develop a close relationship between the Harley-Davidson rider, the Harley-Davidson dealer and Harley-Davidson Motor Company.
The opportunity to start an independent Chapter affiliated with the Harley Owners Group is offered to bring members together for the common interest of promoting motorcycling activities. The goal of each Chapter is to generate an increased level of enthusiasm for riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The Chapter shall be a family-oriented and a nonpolitical organization.”

Article IV – Membership

“All Harley Owners Group members may join any affiliated Chapter. An expired membership in H.O.G. automatically terminates local Chapter membership.
It shall be the responsibility of each local Chapter to ensure that Chapter members are current H.O.G. members and to maintain on file in the Chapter records a signed copy of the annual Chapter Membership Enrollment and Release Form of each Chapter member.
It shall be the responsibility of any person applying for, or renewing, membership in a local Chapter to provide proof of his or her National membership as a condition of eligibility for membership.”

“While the Harley Davidson Owners Group is best known for their Toy Run, that’s just one of many charitable activities the Rocky Mountain Chapter 0421 of the Harley Owners Group (RMHOG) is an integral part of. Just before Christmas, members of the club donated platelets at The Children’s Hospital, adding to their list of philanthropic work. The platelet donation wing of the hospital opened its doors just for the club on a Saturday, a day when they are usually closed.”

Laura Lieff, Glendale Cherry Creek ChronicleBikers Giving Blood 12/2010

“… in Aurora, hundreds of bikers took toys to Children’s Hospital Colorado. The annual event brings smiles to brave faces during the holiday season.”

Watch the video

CBS4 in DenverToy Run 12/2011

Wow, just think, many years ago Vinny Terranova and a few friends had a thought….a biker community stepped up and made it real…..for 26 years. Well done fellow riders!

Thunder Roads Colorado, January 2012 EditionFrigid Day...Warm Hearts 01/2012