2016 April Fools Ride


Well for this years April Fools Ride, Shad did not disappoint.  There were 5 stops total.  The first one was the starting point at Rocky Mountain Harley.  For the next 3 stop Shad gave 3 possible location and it was up to each rider to find the correct stop.

Then the final stop was “The Zone” in Golden but as we arrived there, everyone was leaving.   That location had been changed to Pifler’s Sports Tavern.   So we made our way over there.

At the Poker hands were completed and scored, the following people won some money:
Best Hand: Cory Schnell
2nd best hand: Sage Roelfsema
Worst Hand: Bob Pick

Then the door prizes were picked.  The following people won something from either the RMHog or Metro door prize:
Chuck Roundy
Michele Miller
Skip Hohnhorst
Paul Fullerton
Shad Adams
Kristi Strother
Richard Mooney

Paul Fullerton